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As journalists, we provide the truth the public deserves and has a right to know. For Polluted Pittsburgh, we shine a light on the environmental horrors that exist in Western Pennsylvania, specifically the Pittsburgh region.

Polluted Pittsburgh is a project from School of Communication students at Point Park University. After reporting for roughly four months straight, the students of Christopher Rolinson's Multiplatform Magazine Reporting class present Polluted Pittsburgh: a comprehensive investigation of the environment in and surrounding Pittsburgh and the pollutants and contaminants that the city's residents may come in contact with nearly every day.

We offer alternatives, advice and ask the questions the average person may not - but most importantly, we report this information to you.

The Environmental Journalism project is made possible through the support of Heinz Endowments. We would also like to thank Fair Shake Legal, ACCAN, Allegheny Cleanways, Protect Elizabeth Township and Erica Hensley of Mississippi Today.

Who are we?

Matt Miramontes

Jared Murphy

Mia Patterson

Michael Phillis


Miriah Auth

Nardos Haile

Andrew Otts

Tiara Strong


Dara Collins

Lauryn Nania

Sarah Pais

Hannah Walden

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